City Council Public Hearing (Continued to Tuesday, February 15, 2022)


Release recirculated Draft General Plan and PEIR for public review (August 6)

Planning Commission Work Study Session on Draft General Plan and PEIR (August 9)

Community Open House to share Environmental Justice Survey results, EJ General Plan policies and local programs (August 28)

Planning Commission Work Study Session and Public Hearing to receive comments on the Draft General Plan and PEIR (September 13)

Planning Commission Public Hearing (November 8)

City Council Public Hearing (December 7, 2021, December 21, 2021, January 18, 2022, and Continued to February 15, 2022)


General Plan Community Outreach Roundtable (December 21)

Planning Commission Public Hearing (November 9)

City Council Study Session (September 15)

Planning Commission Study Session (Elements) & Public Hearing (Draft PEIR Public Comments) (September 14)

Planning Commission Study Session (August 24)

City Council Study Session (August 18)

General Plan Virtual Community Workshop No. 2 (August)

General Plan Virtual Community Workshop No. 1 (July) 

Historic Resources Commission (July)

Environmental Justice Presentation/Video Posted (July)

Notice of Preparation (NOP) of Environmental Impact Report (EIR) (February 26 - March 27)

Public EIR scoping meeting (March 5)


Environmental Kickoff Meeting (Winter)

Affirm Land Use Alternatives

  • City Council (Winter)
  • Planning Commission (June)

Land Use Alternatives & Focus Areas

  • Online Survey (April - May)
  • Community Workshops (April)


Policy Framework Development

  • Community Consideration/Engagement
  • General Plan Advisory Group
  • Technical Advisory Committee

Community Outreach

  • Shared 5 Core Values
  • Shared Vision Statement

Policy Framework

  • Vision Statement
  • Goals and Policies


General Plan Advisory Group (GPAG)

  • 14 GPAG Meetings
  • Issues Identification
  • Draft Vision Statements
  • Draft Goals and Policies
  • Land Use Concept Map
  • GPAG Summary

2015- 2016

Community Outreach Program

  • 40 Meetings
  • Youth Summer Program
  • Pop-up events Citywide
  • The First Conversation
  • Executive Summary