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Draft General Plan Update

The City of Santa Ana Draft General Plan Update is based on a Vision Statement and Five Core Values established as part of an extensive community outreach effort. The Santa Ana General Plan is organized into three Sections:  Services and Infrastructure (1), Natural Environment (2), and Built Environment (3). Within these volumes, a total of 12 elements will serve to replace a total of 16 existing elements last revised comprehensively in 1982. 

Please note that the Housing Element is being updated under a separate process regulated by state housing law. Please click here for more information on the Housing Element Update.

The December 2021 Public Hearing Draft General Plan is now available. Changes to the draft General Plan are reflective of input received on previous drafts to present a more refined and informative document that is responsive to the community's vision, values, and feedback.

Download Entire General Plan Document (37MB) 


Volume 1 - Services and Infrastructure

Volume 2 - Natural Environment

Volume 3 - Built Environment 

The December 2021 Public Hearing Draft incorporates all of the following Clarifications to the August 2021 Draft General Plan.

August 2021 Public Review Draft . The August 2021 Public Review Draft builds on prior drafts and incorporates feedback received during the Spring 2021 EJ Outreach Campaign. Key changes to the draft goals, policies, and actions can be viewed in "track change" by clicking here

Related Documents. Technical background and related items are provided under separate cover found in the Draft General Plan Program EIR Appendices (see here).  

Other Documents and Summaries