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Draft General Plan Update

The City of Santa Ana Draft General Plan Update is based on a Vision Statement and Five Core Values established as part of an extensive community outreach effort. The Santa Ana General Plan is organized into three Sections:  Services and Infrastructure (1), Natural Environment (2), and Built Environment (3). Within these volumes, a total of 12 elements will serve to replace a total of 16 existing elements last revised comprehensively in 1982. 

Please note that no changes are being proposed to the Housing Element, which is adopted under a separate process regulated by State housing law.

The October 2020 Public Hearing Draft General Plan is now available. Changes to the draft General Plan are reflective of input from the August 2020 Public Review Draft General Plan and the September 2020 Public Review Draft General Plan to present a more refined and informative document. 

Clarifications to the October 2020 Public Hearing Draft General Plan: The following clarifications to the October 2020 Public Hearing Draft were also submitted to the Planning Commission for their consideration at the public hearing held on November 9, 2020: click here to view clarifications.  

Volume 1 - Services and Infrastructure

Volume 2 - Natural Environment

Volume 3 - Built Environment 

October 2020 Public Hearing Draft . Building on the Draft Policy Framework (December 2018), outreach conducted in 2019 and 2020, and feedback on the August 2020 Public Review Draft and the September 2020 Draft, the October 2020 Public Hearing Draft General Plan now includes a detailed implementation plan for all elements, a safety goal on aircraft hazards, the addition of sub-categories in key land use designations, and some minor updates to policies, maps, and tables. Key changes are listed below.

  • Implementation. Draft implementation actions are now included for all elements.
  • Added safety goal. A current General Plan Safety Element goal (Aircraft Hazards) was added back to supplement goals in the Land Use and Noise elements and ensure greater safety and land use  compatibility associated with aircraft operations.
  • Land use sub-categories. A number of the General Plan Land Use Designations were broken down into sub-categories to more clearly convey intensity, height, and type of development [note: this change provides greater clarity; no changes were made that increase permitted land use intensity levels].
  • Urban design features. Additional content was added to better describe the various components that make up urban design. 
  • Title change. The Circulation Element was renamed to be the Mobility Element.
  • Maps, policies, and tables. Minor changes and adjustments were made to a small number of policies, maps, and tables for better clarity and to address non-substantive corrections.  

Simpler and Easier to Navigate. The Draft General Plan Elements are designed to be easy to navigate, visually dynamic, and user friendly. The City focused on streamlining the General Plan to create a document the public can read and understand quickly. The City is working to further expand access in the coming months by publishing web-based maps that will allow users to zoom in to a specific parcel and zoom out to see the citywide context for the General Plan policy maps.

Related Document. Technical background and related items are provided under separate cover, with most found in the Draft General Plan Program EIR Appendices (see here).  Some additional background documents will be uploaded to this website in early Fall 2020.

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