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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Q: Why do you need a master plan?

A: Santa Ana’s Parks Master Plan will collect community input to guide ongoing decisions about park improvements, new development, and the provision of community events, programs, and related services. The Parks, Recreation and Community Services Agency will use it to guide its annual work plan and budgeting. It will also help position the City for potential grant funding.

Q: What is the master plan?

A: The Master Plan will include:

  • A long-term “vision” for the role the City’s parks and recreation system will play in enhancing quality of life.
  • An inventory and condition assessment of parks and facilities.
  • An evaluation of service gaps that lack the greenspace and recreation opportunities available elsewhere in the city.
  • A plan for growth to keep pace with park and recreational needs.
  • A list of prioritized park investments to maintain current facilities and provide new recreational opportunities.
  • Strategies to improve efficiencies in administering and maintaining the City’s park system.
  • Funding and partnership strategies to increase park revenues without burdening residents.
  • An action plan for implementation.

Q: Who is part of the Advisory Group, and what do they do?

A: The Advisory Group (also known as PAC; “Parks Advisory Committee) is made up of representations of city Boards & Commissions, and a number of community based organizations. It is a diverse group of individuals representating various demographic groups, age groups, activites and geographic areas within the city. They will bring their insight to the discussions about park system challenges, needs and opportunities They will be involved in reviewing and providing guidance and direction on key deliverables during the planning process. And in addition, they will help guide and solicit community engagement by helping the city get the word out, and making sure that Parks Master Plan recommendations reflect community values and priorities.

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