Strategic Planning Forum

Planning ForumPlanning ForumPlanning Forum

The Strategic Planning Community Forum was held on the morning of August 10th at the Southwest Senior Center. There was a tremendous turnout of approximately 180 people from a variety of backgrounds and interests - the energy in the room was impressive!

The participants were asked to go to the various Topic Area Stations to share their ideas and priorities for the five-year strategic plan. Input was organized around nine topic areas.

At each station there were two staff members at least one of which was bilingual. The staff wrote down the suggestions and ideas on flip charts as well as collected the post-it notes from the participants. After two rounds of going to the Topic Area Stations, the participants were invited to sit down while the staff summarized the ideas provided about that topic.

The participants were then asked to identify their top 3 areas by voting with dots. And the final exercise was for the participants to write down one word that they hope describes Santa Ana in 5 years.

The "WordCloud"

Participants at the August 10, 2013 Community Forum were asked to share one word to describe their vision for Santa Ana five years from now. The following word cloud represents their collective input. The larger the word, the more it was used by participants to describe their vision for Santa Ana’s future.




Topic Area Results – Common Themes and Ideas

The following are the common themes and ideas reported during the Strategic Planning Community Forum held on August 10, 2013 at the Southwest Senior Center.  Participants were asked to identify their top three most important topic areas.  Numbers in parentheses represent the number of votes received for each topic area.


Community Safety (88)



Youth / Education / Recreation (86)



Neighborhoods / Housing (69)



Community Wellness / Environment / Open Space (63)



Arts and Culture (47)



Transportation / Transit (45)



City Financial Stability (34)



Businesses / Job Growth (31)



Community Facilities / Infrastructure (23)