Purpose, Vision, and Goals


Our purpose is to provide quality service to enhance the safety, livability and prosperity of our community.


The dynamic urban center of Orange County acclaimed for our: Investment In Children, Neighborhood Pride, Enriching Cultural Experiences, Appreciation of Diversity, Thriving Economic Climate, Quality Government Services, and Leadership Among California Cities.


  • Ensure a safe community
  • Be a catalyst for the positive development of young people
  • Foster neighborhood pride and community understanding
  • Provide and maintain first-rate infrastructure and community facilities
  • Ensure an attractive and well-maintained city
  • Create an environment that stimulates the growth of arts and cultural opportunities
  • Recruit and retain a highly-skilled and diverse workforce
  • Ensure the City's long-term financial ability to deliver quality services
  • Attract and retain a prosperous business community
  • Optimize workforce effectiveness through training, technology, equipment, and facilities
  • Develop and continuously improve system to assure high quality services to customers
  • Assume a leadership role in regional issues of primary importance to Santa Ana