The Station District

On June 7, 2010, after an extensive public outreach process, the City Council/Redevelopment Agency approved several monumental actions to facilitate the development of an affordable housing project, located in the 94-acre Station District, which will enhance the Lacy Neighborhood and support the transit vision for the area. Related California/Griffin Realty Corporation (Santa Ana Station District, LLC) is the master developer and responsible for the rental homes, while City Ventures is the developer of the for-sale housing component. Collectively they bring tremendous experience in all facets of development, and equally as important, is their proven ability to secure financing for major projects, even in today’s difficult economic climate.

The project calls for development of approximately 114 rental units and 24 for sale units on a total of approximately six acres of land.  Of the rental units, all but two (manager units) will be available to persons at or below 50% of the adjusted median income (AMI); and of those, 20% of the units will be offered to residents at 30% below AMI. This amount of affordability exceeds that required by State law, as well as the requirements imposed for state tax credit financing. The term of affordability will be for 55 years. Additionally, five of the for-sale units will be offered at 120% AMI. 

Both phases of the rental components are expected to be completed by first quarter 2013. The first phase of the Station District affordable housing project (R1) includes 74 podium apartment units (including retail and child care components). The second phase of the rental project (R2) includes 25 new construction units and approximately 10 rehabilitated structures, containing 15 units. The 24 unit for-sale project is anticipated to commence construction in 2013, and be completed within 18 months.

Additional Station District projects have been completed or are underway. As a result of the community outreach efforts conducted for the Station District housing project and Transit Zoning Code, the need for a community center in the Lacy Neighborhood was identified as a top priority.  With Garfield Elementary School being truly the heart of the neighborhood, an ideal alliance was formed between the City and Santa Ana Unified School District (SAUSD). Construction of a 10,000 square foot joint use Garfield Community Center Community Center and SAUSD school building project is underway.  The project is being funded with a combination of Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) provided to the City by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), as well as State School Facilities Program and SAUSD capital facilities funds. The plan includes the community center/multi-purpose building and a two-story permanent 12-classroom building to accommodate growth and free up open space, including site upgrades such as renovated parking lots, a new student drop-off, playground, paving, landscaping, and fencing.

City collaboration with the community has also resulted in additional Station District improvement projects funded with City CDBG funds.  These include Lacy neighborhood sewer and water improvements and upgrades to street lighting fixtures.  Additionally, as part of the Station District housing project, the City, community and Garfield Elementary are participating with the developer in a public art project to be located across from the school on the Station District 74-unit rental project site. The community art effort involves workshops for the Garfield School students, conducted by well-known artist Jules Rochielle.

Station District Goals and Objectives

  • Global Vision for The Station District

  • Enhancing Public Spaces and Streets

  • Linking Neighborhoods & Business with Public Transit

  • Providing Local Retail Services

  • Incorporating High Quality Architecture

  • Providing a Variety of Housing Types:

    For-Rent & For-Sale Homes with a Range of Affordability

Community Outreach Efforts

An extensive community outreach effort was undertaken to obtain input from resident and business stakeholders in the area. Meetings were held with the Logan neighborhood, French Park neighborhood, Lacy neighborhood, at St. Joseph's Church, Santiago Lofts and with the business community. From that initial outreach process, a concept plan was developed which was presented to the community at two general meetings in January 2010 and several smaller meetings. The plan was then refined based on input received and further design and feasibility studies. For more information on the community meetings please contact Scott Kutner at (714) 667-2259, while for any other information on the Station District please contact Sandi Gottlieb at (714) 647-6585.

For more information on the Transit Zoning Code adopted to support the long-term development of a successful transit program, as well as to provide a development framework for the Station District, please click here.

For more information on the City's transit vision and proposed Fixed Gateway project, please visit:

Key Contacts

Master Developer
Bea Hsu, Related California
(949) 660-7272

City of Santa Ana

Sandi Gottlieb, Community Development Agency
(714) 647-6585

Scott Kutner, Community Development Agency
(714) 667-2259