Wings of The City



Now featured in Sacramento, CA.


The City of Santa Ana, in collaboration with the Consulate of Mexico, is pleased to share internationally acclaimed art with the community to support cultural ties with Mexico.


Official unveiling of a public art exhbit of nine bronze sculptures by contemporary figurative artist, Jorge Marín


October 27, 2017 from 5:00pm to 7:30pm


Downtown Santa Ana, Plaza Calle Cuatro, 325 E. 4th St., Santa Ana, CA (corner of 4th and French)



Recommended Parking

In addition to on-street metered parking, paid parking facilities are available throughout Downtown Santa Ana. For details, Click Here.

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More Information

For additional information regarding the Wings of the City exhibit visit
Or to learn more about the artist, Jorge Marín, please visit

Santa Ana City Arts and Culture Commission page.



The Sculptures

The Wings of the City exhibit pays homage to classic Baroque and Renaissance sculptures with surreal twists: men adorned with dream-like wings, wearing bird masks and in stunning acrobatic poses.

Wings of the City - Self Tour Map and Guide


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