FPPC Regulation on Behest Payments

Political Reform Act Requirement Per Government Code 82015(b)(2)(B)(iii)

This form is used by all elected officials to disclose payments made at their behest, principally for legislative, governmental, or charitable purposes. Although the regulation has been in existence for many years, the Fair Political Practices Commission recently adopted the Form 803 to make compliance with the regulation easier. The forms are filed with the Clerk of the Council Office and are posted on the City’s web page for public inspection.

Form 803 Disclosure Filings

  Filling Date                                         Donor                                    Event  Donations Amount         View Form
03/28/2013 Ryan Ogulnick, Vineyards Development Evergreen Cedar-Grove
Community Center Fundraiser
07/24/2015 Caribou Industries KidWorks CDC $15,000
07/24/2015 MFH KidWorks CDC $25,000