Personnel Board


Human Resource Department

Meeting Date, Time and Place

On an as needed basis at 6:00 pm
City Council Chamber
22 Civic Center Plaza
Santa Ana, CA 92701


  1. Hear appeals pertaining to the disciplinary suspension, demotion, or dismissal of any officer or employee having permanent status in any office, position, or employment in the civil service; and as otherwise provided for in the civil service rules and regulations;
  2. Consider matters that may be referred to it by the City Council or the City Manager and render such counsel and advice in regard thereto as may be requested by the referring authorities;
  3. By its own motion, make such studies and investigations as it may deem necessary for the formulation of civil service policies, or to determine the wisdom and efficacy of the policies, plans and procedures dealing with civil service matters and report its findings and recommendations to the City Manager or the City Council, or to both such authorities, as it may see fit;
  4. Conduct public hearings on all proposed amendments to or repeal of civil service rules and regulations in the manner as prescribed by ordinance, and advise the council of its findings in such matters within sixty (60) days.


Total of 7 members.

Membership Requirements

  • Resident of the City of Santa Ana
  • Cannot be a treasurer of a Political Action Commission
  • None of the members shall hold public office or employment in the city government or be a candidate for any other public office or position
  • None of the members shall be officers of any local, state, or national partisan political club or organization
  • Members are not eligible for appointment to any salaried office or employment in the service of the City of Santa Ana for a period of one (1) year after leaving the Board for any reason
  • Members of the Board may only be removed from office for cause