Welcome to the business license tax holiday program


Hi, and welcome to the City of Santa Ana’s Tax Holiday Program.

We are looking forward to assisting you in your efforts to comply with City requirements in obtaining a business license and clearing any unreported or misfiled tax obligations. You may click on the icons below to find the appropriate downloadable or find additional information in the Frequently Asked Questions related to the Tax Holiday Program.

The intent of the Tax Holiday Program is to encourage individuals and businesses to voluntarily come forward to meet City requirements to receive a business license and to accurately report gross receipts or other assessment criteria.

The City of Santa Ana requires all persons transacting and carrying on business within the City to obtain a business license prior to commencing business in the City. The fees associated with the business license requirement represent general fund revenues that are used to support City general and public safety services, which benefit the business community. When individuals and business do not pay, it places a larger burden on existing budget dollars and reduces the ability to provide all City residents their fair share of services.

We look forward to assisting you in taking advantage of this limited opportunity.

Please call the Tax Holiday Program Customer Service Line at (714) 647-6720 [Mon. - Thurs.] , for Spanish-dial 9; or email us at taxholiday@santa-ana.org

Effective January 1, 2023, businesses and independent contractors wishing to participate in the program may do so by submitting a pre-registration form in person, by mail or by email. Attorneys, CPAs, Public Accountants, Tax Preparers, Trustees, other fiduciaries or agents may submit a pre-registration request on behalf of clients.

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