Building Safety Photovoltaic (Solar) Electronic Plan Check Permit process guide

Please take the time to read the following general outline of the E-Plan Check process before submitting and during the processing of your plan review. Familiarize yourself with the details below.

  • Disclaimer: It is your responsibility as the applicant/project proponent to confirm that your project meets City of Santa Ana zoning code requirements and design guidelines before submitting and paying plan check fees. If it is determined that during Step 5: Department Review that your project does not meet zoning code requirements, then you may be required to completely revise your project and pay additional plan check fees. 

Step 1 (Qualify)

To Initiate a request to submit for E-Plan Check, your solar project must qualify as one of the following project types:

  • Single family dwelling / duplex
  • Single family dwelling / duplex (streamline process)
  • Multi-family residential
  • Commercial / industrial
  • Historic structure
  • Less than 10 kilowatts size
  • Greater than 10 kilowatts size
  • Less than 10 kilowatts size with battery back-up
  • Greater than 10 kilowatts size with battery back-up
  • Altering existing photovoltaic (solar) system
  • Revision to existing open

Step 2 (Apply)

Complete the Building Safety Photovoltaic solar electronic plan check request form, which may be found here. Once you submit a request form, please wait for up to 3 days to receive an email notification from staff regarding your request. While you wait for a response, you can download and complete the solar permit application forms (you will need the completed application for the next step.)

Solar permit application 

Residential photovoltaic checklist

Step 3 (Submit)

Upon accepting your request forms, you will be invited to create an account and upload your plans, drawings, and documents. Please follow the Upload and Submittal Guide for file naming and size requirements and uploading instructions. Once you click on "Upload and Submit", your project will be submitted to the Building Safety Division for pre-screening.

Electronic plan check upload and submittal guide 

Step 4 (Pre-screen)

Staff will review your uploaded documents to determine if your project meets the streamline solar requirements or if plan check is required. Once pre-screen is completed, we will notify you if your submittal is incomplete, requires additional information, and/or if it is ready for streamline solar permit issuance or if it is ready to be accepted into plan check with payment.

Step 5 (Department review and resubmittal)

For projects with plan review, after plan check payment is received, your project will be routed to city reviewers to approve or issue comments/corrections. Upon completion of review by all required reviewers, you will be notified to address comments/corrections and resubmit/upload plans and documents to the E-plan check system.

  • Please refer to Upload and Submittal Guide for guidelines and requirements
  • Resubmitted plan sheets must use the exact file name and plan sheet size as the prior versions of the uploaded plan sheets

Subsequent rounds of City review will occur until all required reviewers have approved the project.

Step 6 (Approval and permit issuance)

You will be notified when your project is approved. In order to complete the process, you will need to pay remaining fees for the permit. Please note; the Building Safety Division will only issue permits to a California licensed contractor or an authorized agent, with a letter of authorization from the license contractor.

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