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Revive Santa Ana is a comprehensive COVID-19 pandemic recovery initiative designed to deliver both short-term and long-term health, financial, educational and other support to the Santa Ana community. It is funded by a federal American Rescue Plan Act allocation of $128.3 million, additional housing funding of $21.5 million, and $10.6 million in federal funds from the State for emergency rental assistance. The Santa Ana City Council approved the use of the first portion of money on July 20, 2021. More information about Revive Santa Ana programs will be shared on this page as details become available.

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The City of Santa Ana is seeking partnerships with local non-profits and organizations to execute the Revive Santa Ana initiative.

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Recovery from the Pandemic

Santa Ana Winter Village

  • Mental health recovery
  • Memorial to lives lost
  • Expansion of critical communications
  • Feasibility study on City-operated health department
  • Sanitization and prevention
  • COVID-19 emergency response


Direct Assistance Programs

Business Grant Program Resident Stimulus Program 

Emergency Rental Assistance RFP for Youth Programs

  • Housing vouchers
  • Reopening assistance to businesses
  • Youth violence/sexual assault intervention
  • After-school and youth sports programs
  • Digital literacy education
  • Support local food distributions



Public Health and Safety

Revive Santa Ana 5K Run

  • First Street pedestrian safety project
  • Additional park and open space
  • Healthy food accessibility
  • Rapid response homeless services
  • Allowed improvements to existing parks, community centers and libraries
  • Park restroom improvements to mitigate and prevent spread of virus
  • Enhanced security for parks and community centers
  • Address vacant storefronts


Critical Infrastructure

  • Parking structure improvements and safety enhancements
  • Broadband internet access
  • Community center renovations
  • Transformation of Central Library to support early childhood learning
  • Expand library accessibility
  • Pedestrian and mobility improvements
  • Streetlights for neighborhood safety
  • Storm drain gates and channel fencing



Performance and Fiscal Reports

The federal government requires the City to submit Recovery Plan Performance Reports, fiscal reports and other documentation. You can find those here.

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Community Outreach

Throughout the Revive Santa Ana Process, the City of Santa Ana sought public input and feedback to help guide our decisions.

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