Orange County Now in Red Tier, Easing Some Restrictions

Date: March, 12 2021 Category: City Manager, City Manager’s Newsletter, COVID-19, Notification

Santa Ana is joining the rest of Orange County in moving to the Red Tier on Sunday, March 14. That means Santa Ana restaurants, churches, shopping malls, gyms, and movie theaters will be able to operate indoors or expand their inside operations, though not at full capacity. There are still some restrictions, and not all types of businesses (including bars and nightclubs) can open yet.

Even though we are reopening, please still take precautions like wearing masks, and get vaccinated as soon as you can get an appointment. We must reopen safely without spreading COVID-19 so we can move to the next tier and begin to really recover from the pandemic.

Read the County press release.

Go here to see which industries and activities will be allowed.