After-School and Youth Sports Programs

Backhausdance - The Dance for Kindness Project

  • The Dance for Kindness Project hosted by Backhausdance holds active workshop sessions for each grade level, K-5, for general and special education students and assemblies for the entire school (approximately 90 workshops per school). Teacher planning and evaluation sessions are held for the entire school. The program will be launched with interactive assemblies for the entire school, demonstrating athleticism, physicality, emotional expression and the human connection. Students participate throughout the assembly and have a kinesthetic experience, learning the meaning of kindness and how to express themselves in a positive way through movement and creativity. Students will see how different levels and movements can convey specific messages and tell a story. For more information please visit:

Community Action Partnership of Orange County - Elevate Youth

  • Elevate Youth is youth-led and focusing on preventing substance use disorder in communities affected by the War on Drugs. Through arts-based activities, Elevate Youth hopes to build awareness on substance use and prevention and increase youth’s leadership abilities. Over the course of 12 months, the Elevate Youth program will provide elementary-aged students with after-school tutoring three days per week, homework help, and targeted activities designed to support Social-Emotional Learning. Youth involved drive the direction of the program with staff supporting the strategies they find to best help their community. For more information and to see how you can become involved with Elevate Youth, please visit:

Kidworks - After School Program

  • The After School Program hosted by Kidworks has a holistic approach to engage students in activities that support academic success, leadership development, and social-emotional wellness.  Kidworks is dedicated to building essential skills through intentional teaching and the use of developmentally age-appropriate methods and practices. After-school tutoring and homework  help program is offered for students K-5th grade. During these hours  Students enjoy healthy snacks, receive necessary homework help, and learn an enrichment lesson based on one of the four foundational pillars: Academics & Arts, Health & Fitness, College & Career Readiness, and Leadership & Spiritual Development. On Fridays and Saturdays, students are invited to participate in fun, hands-on workshops that can focus on art, science, music, dance, and creative writing. Parents and families are also provided with support to promote student success. For more information and how to join the After-School Program, please visit:

The Cambodian Family- Plan Ahead Youth Program (PAYP)

  • Plan Ahead Youth Program (PAYP) will provide academic tutoring and extra-curricular educational services to a total of 90 low-income and underserved youth and parents in Santa Ana per year, including 60 youth (1st – 12th grades) through activities that are organized around our four well integrated institutes aligned with local school district educational trends, and 30 parents of our youth with parenting skills, economic empowerment workshops, and resources to better support and become more active in their children's education. The goal of the program is to help youth create a positive vision of the future and attain their skills to turn their visions into reality.  This is accomplished by helping participants find and develop their character strengths, improve their academic performance, expand their career options, and maintain good physical health.  For more information on how to get involved with PAYP, please visit: 
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