About the General Plan

Project background

In March 2014 the City Council adopted the Santa Ana Strategic Plan. The Strategic Plan was the result of an extensive community outreach process and established specific goals, objectives and strategies to guide the City’s major efforts. One of the key strategies identified is to complete a comprehensive update of the City’s Existing General Plan.

The General Plan is the City’s principal long-range policy and planning document guiding the development, conservation, and enhancement of Santa Ana.  It is a document that contains a comprehensive collection of goals and policies related to the physical development of the City. State law requires every city and county to adopt a general plan to represent the jurisdiction’s view of its future. The new General Plan’s chapters, known as “elements,” will embrace current topics, practices and philosophies.

The City's General Plan was last comprehensively updated in 1982. Various updates to the City’s Land Use Element, Circulation Element, Urban Design Element and Economic Development were completed in 1998. The comprehensive General Plan Update is intended to result in a total of twelve elements to guide the physical development, quality of life, economic health, and sustainability of the Santa Ana community. Two existing elements, which include the Circulation and Housing Elements are being amended separately at this time or will be amended in the coming years. The planning horizon year for this sustainably new community vision is 2040.

There are ongoing opportunities to engage in the conversation and participate in shaping the New General Plan. You are invited to be involved in the General Plan conversation through community meetings, exploring the website, or by e-mailing your thoughts to NewGeneralPlan@santa-ana.org.


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