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Did you know?

Youth are 3x more likely than adults to be influenced by tobacco ads. Having easy access to junk food creates unhealthy habits at an early age. Good health starts with the foods we buy for our families! Healthy families mean healthy communities.

What is a ‘healthy’ store?

A healthy store is one where the healthy choice is the easy one.

It encourages customers to buy healthier items, such as fresh fruits and vegetables, water, and other healthier offerings.  It also protects youth in the store from tobacco and alcohol.

The healthy retail program rewards stores that focus on the 4 P’s: Product, Price, Placement, Promotion.




Stock healthy
foods and drinks and
accept vouchers
for healthy foods




Offer discounts on
healthier items and
reward customers for buying healthy foods and drinks

Placement.jpg Placement

Place healthier items
near the checkout
and remove tobacco
and alcohol ads 
away from kid-friendly items




Limit the amount
of store ads for
unhealthy products
and increase ads for
healthy foods and drinks


How can you help create a healthy environment and economy in Santa Ana?

For Customers


For Stores

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For Customers


Green%20Yellow%20Speak.PNG Let your local stores know what you want
Social%20Media.png Spread the word on social media

Shop at local healthy stores

See the list  of stores that have been recognized for supporting healthier choices - at the bottom of this page.

For Stores

How can my store become a "healthy store"?

What are the benefits of being a healthy retailer?

By joining the program, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Improve your sales
  • Increase customer loyalty
  • attract new shoppers

You can also receive

  • FREE reusable grocery bags to give to customers (excludes alcohol and tobacco purchases)
  • FREE healthy recipe cards
  • FREE print material

See the Healthy Retail Recognition Toolkit below for more information.

How will stores be awarded?

Stores will be awarded on a 3 level system based on the number of standards met:



Become a healthy retailer today!

For questions please contact:

Alicia Carranza, MPH, MCHES

Rita Estrada



The Santa Ana Healthy Retail Team (SAHRT) partners with retailers to create healthier,
thriving store environments to help improve the well-being of Santa Ana’s community.