Construction/Business Info

Any construction project with less than one acre of Disturbed Soil Area (DSA) are required to submit an Erosion, Sediment and Chemical Control Plan (ESCCP) or Water Pollution Control Plan (WPCP) per the projects Plans and Specifications.

Any project equal to, or greater than one acre of Disturbed Soil Area (DSA) require coverage under the General Permit for Storm Water Discharges Associated with Construction Activities (2009-0009-DWQ) and require submission of a Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) and a Notice of Intent (NOI).

Orange County Construction Runoff Manual

Industrial Activities

Some Industrial activities are subject to the Industrial Storm Water General Permit (General Industrial Permit) regulated by the State Water Resources Control Board, through general storm water permits. For further information follow the link below:

or change the general industrial permit to here

Storm Water Program - Industrial Storm Water