Southeast District

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                                                                                                   SOUTHEAST DIVISION

As the name implies, the Southeast Division is located in the southeast quadrant of the city.  It is a diverse mix of residential neighborhoods and business districts.   The residential neighborhoods vary from single-family dwellings to high-density multi-story apartment buildings.  The business districts are comprised of small family owned and large industrial businesses that employ several hundred community members.  Southeast Division personnel continue to work with this diverse community to resolve their unique issues that impact the quality of life within the residential neighborhoods and to ensure continued business success.


In 1994, a coalition of community based organizations, residents, City staff, and Southeast Division personnel came together to improve and revitalize the Minnie/Standard neighborhood. Historically, this neighborhood was known for drug sales and gang related activity.  The coalition’s efforts resulted in a dramatic neighborhood transformation and overall crime reduction.  It is an example of a police-community partnership in its simplest and most pragmatic form.  


The City of Santa Ana was awarded a second Weed and Seed site funded by the United States Department of Justice in 2000.  This program is a long-term strategy to revitalize and reclaim neighborhoods by working together in partnerships with community-based organization, residents, and the police to eliminate neighborhood crime issues.  Southeast Division personnel utilized a variety of coordinated enforcement efforts, including undercover narcotic operations and bicycle and foot patrol strategies, to weed out the criminal element.  These efforts resulted in 475 arrests and the seizure of 2,800 grams of various illegal street narcotics.

Another important component of this strategy is to establish strong working relationships with members of the community.  In June 2004, Southeast Division officers participated in the 5th Drug Education for Youth (D.E.F.Y.) Camp at the United Sates Marine Corps Camp Pendleton base, in conjunction with the Orange County On Track, Untied States Attorney’s Office, United States Marine Corps, and the Parks, Recreation and Community Services Agency.  This program provided a one-week live-in military experience, with intensive curricula emphasizing anti-gang and anti-drug resiliency training for 60 at-risk youth from both Weed and Seed sites.  Officers provided instruction and mentored the youth in an effort to improve their abilities to resist gangs and drugs upon their return to their neighborhoods.


District Task Force officers investigated the trafficking and manufacturing of illegal documents, completing six enforcement initiatives in 2004.  As a result of information from citizens and use of undercover officers, four illegal document “mills” were shut down.  A total of 40 arrests were made, as well as the confiscation of document blanks and reproduction equipment, valued at $95,000.