Human Resources Division

The Police Human Resources Division is responsible for ensuring assets, both human and material, meet the exacting standards of a Community Oriented Police Department.

This is accomplished by filling our ranks, both civilian and sworn, with people of character and outstanding technical skills.  The Human Resources Division recognizes the role it plays in ensuring Santa Ana’s philosophy of Community Oriented Policing and Total Quality Service goals are met.  The commitment to these values by our staff has ensured success and has provided a springboard for quality during the 21st century.

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The Division consists of the following sections:



The Santa Ana Police Department prides itself on hiring only the best, brightest, and most ethical applicants.  Background investigations are conducted not only for sworn police officers, but all department employees, regardless of position.

In addition to completing background investigations, the section is also responsible for recruiting efforts. The department advertises in various mediums including newspapers, magazines, cable television, the Internet, and on the radio. Staff attend job fairs, community events, and visit local police academies to seek out qualified recruits.



The Fiscal and Budget Section prepares the department’s annual budget, monitors expenditures, and provides monthly financial forecasts and recommendations to police management.  In addition, the office is responsible for processing all purchase requests, vendor payments, posting payroll, and maintaining all agreements for services and equipment.



The Police Department’s Personnel Section ensures compliance with federal and state mandated laws and programs, develops and implements lawful personnel practices, investigates all discrimination complaints, manages the performance evaluation system, and administers the Police Cadet Program.  Personnel is the primary liaison between employees and the City’s Risk Management, Workers’ Compensation units and the City’s industrial medical providers.

The Personnel Section also administrators programs that support the health, welfare, and safety of all department staff.  These programs include:

  • Peer Support and Counseling Group
  • SAPD Voluntary Fitness Program
  • Safety Committee
  • Communicable Disease Prevention Program



The Human Resources Division coordinates volunteer programs.  Volunteers donate their time and experience to the department.