Homeland Security Division

The new Homeland Security Division was created in October 2005 to manage all countywide terrorism preparedness efforts for the department.

The new division will assume responsibilities for the management and administration of the Urban Area Security Initiative (UASI) grant, funded by the Department of Homeland Security, Office of Domestic Preparedness.  In 2004, the UASI was established to create a "sustainable" national model program to enhance security and overall preparedness to prevent, respond to, and recover from acts of terrorism.

The City of Santa Ana was awarded approximately $15 million dollars to accomplish the grant goals for the Santa Ana Urban Area (SAUA), which includes half of the cities in Orange County.  The City of Anaheim was also awarded funds to do the same in the other half of the county.  Both cities and the County of Orange have teamed up to forge one of the most cohesive, focused, and regional partnerships anywhere in the nation.  By leveraging the UASI funds and the Orange County Operational Area grant funds, which are administered by the Orange County Sheriff’s Department, Orange County has embarked on truly collaborative projects that will undoubtedly make our region better prepared to prevent, respond to, and recover from any acts of terrorism.

In 2005, the City was again awarded approximately $8 million for the UASI program grant to continue our countywide joint efforts to coordinate a regional emergency management system.

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