Property Crime Investigations Section

Typically, uniformed personnel from the Field Operations Bureau respond to handle crimes in progress or which have just occurred.  These officers conduct a preliminary investigation, and, when possible, identify and arrest the persons responsible for the crime.  Oftentimes, however, cases require additional investigation before an arrest can be made.   The District Investigations Division is responsible for conducting these follow up investigations.  

The District Investigations Section is comprised of three investigative unit. Detectives in each investigative unit are responsible for investigating different types of crimes, based on their specialized training. 

Robbery and Auto Theft Section

  • Robbery
  • Carjackings
  • Auto Theft
  • Auto Burglary
  • Minor Assaults

Burglary and Economic Crime Section

Family Crimes

  • Rape
  • Child Abuse
  • Domestic Violence
  • Registration and monitoring of sex offenders (Megan's Law)
  • Missing Persons

District Detectives read and review all reports of crime and determine whether or not additional follow-up and investigation are possible.  Detectives investigate all workable cases to the fullest and seek the most appropriate resolution.  Detectives depend on personal experience, technological resources, patrol officers and community participation to successfully solve individual and serial-type crimes and to prevent future incidents from occurring. 

Crime analysts assigned to the Division support investigations by reviewing crime data for trends, developing “hot spot” maps, producing wanted bulletins, and using advanced technologies to analyze intelligence materials.  Civilian investigators help detectives by processing DNA evidence, recontacting victims and witnesses, and performing others duties in support of the assigned detective.