Bicycle, Pedestrian, Auto Safety

The Santa Ana Police Department has discontinued bicycle registration and recommends all registrants to the National Bike Registry. The National Bike Registry is a national database for bicycles and has a high return rate for stolen/recovered bicycles. The cost of registering a bicycle is $10.00 and is valid for ten years.


The Online service requires that the registrants input their information. Click on the link below to access the online registry.




  1. Keep your bicycle in good mechanical condition (tires, chain, brakes).Officer Reggie
  2. Obey all traffic rules and signs -- always give proper hand signals.
  3. Walk your bike across busy intersections.
  4. Always ride with the traffic - as close as practicable to the right side of the road.
  5. Be sure the roadway is clear before entering.
  6. Always ride single file and watch for opening car doors.
  7. Most bicycles are built to carry one person -- YOU! And you alone.
  8. If you must ride your bike at night be sure your headlight and reflectors are in good condition.
  9. Select the safest route to your destination and use it. Avoid busy streets and intersections.
  10. Yield right of way to pedestrians.
  11. Always wear a bicycle helmet.