Elk's Lodge

at 1701 East Saint Andrew Place

Elks Lodge

Updated: August 8, 2018

Project Manager: Jerry C. Guevara - Assistant Planner I
(714) 647-5481

Project Status: Under Construction

Project Description:

The project consists of the construction of a mixed-use two-story 51,024-square-foot building at 1701 East Saint Andrews Place.  The Santa Ana Elks Lodge will occupy 31,863 square feet of the proposed building and Orange County’s Credit Union will occupy the remaining 19,161 square feet.  The first floor will consist of the Elk’s offices, dining and meeting/activity rooms, member’s bar, lounge, kitchen and storage areas.  The second floor will contain the Elk’s lodge room and the Orange County’s Credit Union’s administrative offices.  In addition, a total of 157 parking spaces will be provided on-site.  The primary entry point to the site will be from South Lyon Street and a secondary entrance will be provided from Saint Andrews Place via an easement through the Orange County’s Credit Union’s site.

Past Meetings:

City Council Public Hearing – January 16, 2018 (Final Parcel Map)
City Council Public Hearing – November 21, 2017 (Tentative Parcel Map)
Planning Commission Public Hearing – October 23, 2017 (Staff Report & Resolution)

Important Documents:

Parking Demand Analysis

Site Plan

Elks Lodge