Christ Our Savior Catholic Parish

At 2000 W. Alton Ave.

Christ Our Savior

Updated: August 8, 2018

Project Manager: Jerry C. Guevara - Assistant Planner I
(714) 647-5481

Project Status: Entitled March 2018

Project Description:

The project consists of the construction of a permanent campus with four buildings for Christ Our Savior Catholic Parish. The project will be constructed in two phases, which will allow the current temporary modular facilities to remain in operation and continue serving the community during Phase I. Phase I consists of the construction of an 18,601-square foot church with up to 1,250 seats, a 5,966-square foot parish center, and a 4,655-square foot meeting and office building. Phase II consists of the construction of a 15,775-square foot parish hall and the demolition of the existing modular structures. Overall site improvements include a parking lot with 488 stalls, new landscaping and light fixtures throughout the site, a 23,956-square foot courtyard, a 19,346-square foot garden, trash enclosure, pedestrian walkways, benches and bicycle racks. The primary entry point to the site will be from an existing driveway at the southern terminus of Raitt Street. Secondary entrances will be provided from an existing right-in/right-out driveway along Alton Avenue and a new driveway at the terminus of Jaguar Way.

Past Meetings:

Planning Commission Public Hearing – March 12, 2018 (Staff Report & Resolution)
Sunshine Ordinance Community Meeting (Notice & Meeting Report

Important Documents:

Traffic Impact Analysis
Mitigation Monitoring Program

Site Plan

Christ our Savior