Santa Ana Neighborhood Initiatives - Maps

Maps + Santa Ana's Resource Network = Success

Santa Ana's Community Development Resource Network focuses on building capacity in the areas of strategic planning and grant development. To support neighborhood serving organizations, a catalogue of social and demographic maps from the 2010 and 2000 Census is available. Samples of these maps include:

2010 Census Data Maps

2010 Population Hispanic Ethnicity
2010 Population Asian / Pacific Islander Race
2010 Population African American Race

2010 Household Income
2010 Poverty Rates
2010 Educational Attainment

2010 Housing Stability
2010 Rental Housing

2000 Census Data Maps

2000 Population Hispanic Ethnicity
2000 Population Asian / Pacific Islander Race
2000 Population African American Race
2000 Population Non-Hispanic Ethnicity

2000 Household Income
2000 Poverty Rates
2000 Educational Attainment

2000 Housing Stability
2000 Rental Housing
2000 High Density Rental Housing

2004 Homeownership Rates
2000 Homeownership Rates
1990 Homeownership Rates
1980 Homeownership Rates

Reference maps include:

2000 Census Tract Boundary Map

2010 Census Tract Boundary Map

For additional information on available maps, please contact:

Scott Kutner
District Manager
Neighborhood Initiatives
(714) 667-2259


Please note that Santa Ana's GIS Administrator is Trevor Burgan -