Streamlined Residential Solar Plan Check and Permitting

*New* (Effective September 30, 2015)SolarPanels

In accordance with SB1222 and AB2188, the City of Santa Ana Planning and Building Agency is pleased to announce a new streamlined residential roof top solar plan check and permitting process.

Key Features of the Streamlining Process

The qualified rooftop solar project can expect:

  • New simplified Solar Permit Application – Just one application to complete!
  • Over-the-Counter permit issuance through the Building Safety Division
  • No Planning Division review required
  • Residential Photovoltaic Checklist - For projects that comply with the new screening checklist, no structural plan check required!
  • One inspection for first inspection request; morning or afternoon preference available
  • Inspections available in 1-2 business days maximum
  • Photovoltaic panel and associated electrical plan check performed in the field – NO PLAN CHECK DELAYS (for plans conforming to the California Solar Permitting Guidelines)!

“Small residential rooftop solar energy systems” shall mean all of the following:

  • A solar energy system that is no larger than 10 kilowatts alternating current nameplate rating or 30 kilowatts thermal.
  • A solar energy system that conforms to all applicable state fire, structural, electrical and other building codes as adopted or amended by the City and paragraph (3) of subdivision (c) of Section 714 of the Civil Code.
  • A solar energy system that is installed on a single or duplex family dwelling.
  • A solar panel or module array that does not exceed the maximum legal building height as defined by the authority having jurisdiction.
Simply follow the mandatory requirements set forth on the Residential Photovoltaic Checklist and follow the electrical requirements from the ABC’s of solar for single-string or micro inverter layouts – and your plan check will be completed in the field.  Avoid plan check delays and get your solar permit today!

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