As part of the City of Santa Ana’s 5-Year Strategic Plan, community safety is a key point of focus in redefining city success.  In order to ensure that Santa Ana remains committed to a “safety first” mission, these improvement plans will align with basic improvements that will focus on the safety of residents at all hours of the day.

Area Map

Basic 1
Basic 2
Area #1 Cost
Lillie King Walkway
Lillie King Security Lts
Madison Security Lts
Area #2  
Memorial AC Walk
Area #3  
Fisher Security Lts
Riverview Ct Renov
Riverview Parking Lot
Santiago Bike Trail Resuf
Santiago Security Lts
Santiago Play Equip
Area #4  
Bomo Koral Security Lts
Thornton Parking Lot Renov
Bomo Koral Walkway Renov
Kiwanis Security Ltg
Area #5  
Angel Restroom Renov
Area #6  
Centennial Hardscape
Centennial Security Lts
Heritage Security Lts
Santa Anita Sec Lts
Windsor Security Lts
DYSC Field #2 Syn Turf