Arid Garden Underground Aquifer (AGUA) Project

The Arid Garden Underground Aquifer Project (AGUA) is a plan to create an educational, drought tolerant garden in the Civic Center near the Main Library. The library hopes to convert the water hungry grass area between the library and the parking structure into a water wise demonstration garden. The garden will show the community plants and grasses to use in their yards that will help the city respond to our drought conditions by cutting unnecessary water usage.

conserving water

Conserving Water

Resources available through the Santa Ana Public Library.

gardening tips

Gardening Tips

A list of water efficient plants for your garden.

water saving tips

Saving Water Tips

Tips and tools for cutting down your water bill and resources to conserve water. Use it, share it, just don’t waste it. Over 100 ways to be water wise.

resources & links

Resources & Links

Links to various website and agency water saving resources.



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about water conservation.