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A challenge currently facing all Californians is a multi-year drought that has reduced the State’s supply of water to a critical level. Our collaboration with the City in the proposed drought-tolerant planting adjacent to the library will provide educational support for the City’s efforts to encourage residents to reduce unnecessary water use. The plantings will be divided into two sections. The lower section, the grassy area close to the fountain, will display a variety of drought tolerant grasses that can be planted in lieu of traditional grass. The upper section, the grassy area nearest the parking structure, will be planted with a range of drought resistant plants and shrubs offering the observer different shapes, sizes, and colors from which to choose. Both areas will have attractive signage identifying the plants and referring interested residents to the library for books and other resources about these and related planting choices.

The library will establish and promote a special collection of books and other materials outlining appropriate planting choices and how to select plants and care for them. We will also make available materials on other ways to conserve water. The library is planning to arrange bilingual workshops for the public featuring experts in water conservation and water wise gardening. We also hope to produce videos on these subjects for broadcast on CTV3, including filmed versions of the workshop.

We are all enthusiastic about this project because the water crisis affects all of us. We look forward to helping the community find out how to use our precious water responsibly, and to take those lessons home with them

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