Adult Teen 101 Workshops

Adult-Teen 101 Workshop Sessions

Location: Central, Newhope, Jerome and Garfield (continuing during the fall, 2016)

Emergency and Safety Skills

  • Earthquake Preparedness: Basics for a kit, and Earthquake drill, create an emergency contact list
  • Basic First Aid and Fire safety: Learn how to utilize a first aid kit, and how to use a fire-extinguisher

Financial Literacy

  • Basic Banking: Understanding Checks and Bank Accounts, Balancing a Checking Account, Savings Accounts, Investment options
  • Money Matters: Understanding credit cards, credit card comparisons,Budgeting Activity, Understanding Gross/Net pay, deductions
  • Filing your taxes: Tax vocabulary lesson, Forms, Tax basics for young adults

Housing and House-Keeping Skills

  • Basic Home maintenance: How to use a vacuum, routine maintenance and fixing, how to change a light bulb, find a circuit breaker
  • Housing Options: Planning to live independently, rent, utilities,

Personal Appearance and Hygiene

  • Clothing maintenance: Sewing a simple tear or a button, Laundry basics (difference in detergents, does laundry detergent expire? Always have Tide to Go Instant Stain Remove)
  • Personal Hygiene Basics: Washing hands, deodorizing, brushing teeth, flossing, what products to keep handy.

Self-Management and Interpersonal Skills
  • Introducing yourself: How to introduce yourself and others, Icebreakers, proper handshakes
  • Etiquette: Communication etiquette, and dining etiquette
  • Just Breathe: Stress management and Relaxation techniques


  • So you think you can drive: How to get a license, What to do when you have your license, What to consider when buying a car, How to shop for auto insurance, planning for auto maintenance, what is AAA?
  • Getting around with Public Transportation: Learn bus schedules, trains, and routes.
  • Basic Bike Maintenance: Fixing a flat, general bike safety