Past Events and Projects

Youth Ambassadors (2011)

Project Goals :


The goal of the project is to train and mentor teens and young adult volunteer interest groups at the library to develop and produce topical videos in Spanish and English. They in turn will undertake training other young people in this skill,so that both the educational process and production of the videos can continue. These videos will be available for checkout at the library or for download from the project-related web site and Youtube, providing adults and children in our community with Spanish-language information. In sum, these Youth Media Ambassadors teen volunteers will be provided cutting edge, mentored technical training that would be otherwise unavailable to them, and our community will be provided bilingual informational programming to meet their educational needs.


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Teen Aquaponic and Gardening Society

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green living


Small Steps (2010)

Project Goals:

With the "Small Steps Towards Healthy Living" project, Library Youth Health Ambassador teams recruited from various youth organizations/clubs, library TeenSpace programs, high schools and colleges, will produce bilingual videos informing the public on a variety of health and community related topics centered around themes of safety, education and community engagement.  Videos will be broadcasted to Santa Ana residents as part of local CTV3 programming. As part of this project, teens and college age young adults will receive instruction on various aspects of digital technology like video production, film editing, sound editing, and broadcasting.  Sr. Tutor mentors will train and guide Youth Health Ambassador teens and young adults (ages 12-24) in developing health related video programming, during research, production, editing and CTV3 broadcasting phases. It is hoped that by the end of this 7 month project, Youth Health Ambassador volunteers will have had the necessary training and experience, to continue to create videos and health related programs for the community, as well as the capability to instruct and mentor new members.


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Small Steps

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Photography (2009)

To see all the photos in a nice slideshow please click the link below. Enjoy.

The Photography Workshop, sponsored by the LSTA-Eureka Circle of Mentoring Grant, allowed City of Santa Ana youth to walk around the city and take photos which will then be entered into the Orange County Fair.  The program was assisted by professional photographer Casey Shea and Santa Ana Public Library Staff Heather Folmar and Larry Bowen.  We had 20 pictures entered into the Orange County Fair and out of those 20 we had 8 winners which are shown below.  Now you can see all 20 pictures in our Youtube video or see all the winners at the Orange County Fair.

Jose Prado Winner   Juan Estello Winner

GED Winner   Aura Winner  

Balloon Winner   Picto Winner


ICMA (2010)

The program will pursue this goal via two paths.  The first path will provide technology-based educational and workforce-preparation programming to teens/young adults (ages 15-18) in order to assist them with their higher education and economic development goals. The second path will encourage civic engagement in older young adults (ages 16-21) through targeted voluntarism.  Students will be provided with opportunities to assist adults with limited English proficiency to develop essential language and computing skills.  Encouraging civic engagement in young adults will be further promoted by opportunities for them to assist in the literacy and mathematical skills development of children (ages 5-11).  Both volunteer opportunities will cultivate and develop skills in young adults that can be leveraged into marketable professional and educational skills. 

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