Career Resources

(Occupation, Education, and Test Books)
The Main Library has an extensive collection of Career and Test Booklets, for job and educational tests (such as GED, ASVAB, and SAT). The Education, Occupation, and Test Books are located on the main floor of the Main Library, next to the Information Desk.

Located behind the Information Desk is the Tech Desk, which offers one-on-one assistance in creating e-resumes, searching job listings, and submitting job applications online. For additional information and operating hours, download the Tech Desk flyer below:
(Job Scout Logo)

Santa Ana Public Library's Tech Desk (PDF)

Additionally, the Library offers an extensive and up-to-date reference collection dealing with careers, scholarships, and colleges.

Visit Job Scout for a free, online learning platform that will teach you the basic Internet skills you need to find a job. For additional career websites, visit our Job Search page.


The California Department of Education’s California Career Resource Network (CalCRN) provides career development resources to strengthen the career decision-making and career-planning skills of California’s middle and high school students. The CalCRN's home page at has links to several CalCRN resources which include:

California Career Center is a comprehensive “virtual counselor” with career and college resources and tools to help students begin their career journey. CalCC’s focus is on students, but it contains hard-to-find resources for counselors, teachers, parents, and guardians. Go to the Educator section for workshop handouts, the Classroom Ready Curriculum, parent handbooks, and more. Free user account feature.

The California CareerZone allows users to access to a career exploration system that provides four easy-to-use career assessment tools. It connects users with information on more than 900 California occupational options and colleges across the country. The “Make Money Choices” budgeting tool helps students make the connection between life style choices and occupations that can financially support those choices. Free user account feature and free downloadable workbook.

The Support Personnel Accountability Report Card (SPARC) is an online tool enables school site student support teams to create a unique, publishable document highlighting the impact their staff and programs are having on student career and college readiness.

CalCrn Resource Comprehensive List (PDF)