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Enterprise Zone Program

On June 8, 2008 the City of Santa Ana received a 15-year Enterprise Zone (EZ) designation.  The Santa Ana EZ encompasses 16 square miles.  Businesses already in the zone can qualify for benefits, as well as new businesses relocating or expanding into Santa Ana's EZ. To find out if you are in the Enterprise Zone Click Here.  The incentives provided by the program include:

Hiring Credit
Your company can receive over $37,440 in state tax credits over a five-year period, for each eligible employee. It is easy to find employees who meet the eligibility criteria if your company takes advantage of the Santa Ana W/O/R/K Center.

To see if your employees are located in the Target Employment Area click here.

To receive the Hiring Tax Credit, you must fill out the EZ Voucher Application.  The fee per application is as follows:

Voucher Fee: $100 per application

Retro-Voucher Fee (application sent in 12 months after hire date): $120 per application

Expedited fee: $30 additional per application

Make the check payable to: City of Santa Ana.  

Applications and fee can be mailed to:

City of Santa Ana
Attn: Enterprise Zone
20 Civic Center Plaza, M-25
Santa Ana, CA 92701

Enterprise Zone Forms

EZ Voucher Application - English

EZ Voucher Application - Spanish

Income Verification Worksheet

Supporting Documentation Matrix

If you are a first time user of the Enterprise Zone (EZ), we recommend you schedule an appointment with one of our EZ staff to review the process.  Even though the program is easy to use, we’ve found that a few minutes of personal instruction is time well spent.  To schedule an appointment please call 714-647-6561.

Sales and use Tax Credit
Your business can claim a state tax credit equal to the sales or use tax paid on the cost of any of the following equipment purchased for exclusive use in the Enterprise Zone.

  • Equipment used to manufacture, process, combine, assemble or fabricate a product.
  • Data processing and communications equipment including computers, telephone systems, fax machines and copiers.
  • Equipment used in motion picture production and post-production.
  • Air and water pollution control devices.
  • Equipment used to produce renewable energy resources.

Business Expense Deduction
Part of the cost of certain property purchased for exclusive use in the Enterprise Zone may be deducted as a business expense in the first year it is placed in service. (Amount of deduction changes annually, call for current value.)

Net Interest Deduction for Lenders
A deduction from income is allowed on the amount of "net interest" earned on loans made to a trade or business located exclusively in the Enterprise Zone.

For more information contact:

An Enterprise Zone representative at 714-647-6987.